Select a flatweave design, colour option and specify a size to be custom made in a timeframe of approximately 8 to 10 weeks.

  • VIEW Braid Diamond Custom
    Braid Diamond Mustard

    Braid Diamond Custom

  • VIEW Braid Fusion Custom

    Braid Fusion Custom

  • VIEW Braid Hive Custom

    Braid Hive Custom

  • VIEW Braid Jumble Custom

    Braid Jumble Custom

  • VIEW Braid Link Custom

    Braid Link Custom

  • VIEW Braid Pastille Custom

    Braid Pastille Custom

  • VIEW Braid Ripple Custom
    Braid Ripple Multi Grey Ivory

    Braid Ripple Custom

  • VIEW Braid Tempest Custom

    Braid Tempest Custom

  • VIEW Braid Waffle Custom

    Braid Waffle Custom

  • VIEW Chevron Custom

    Chevron Custom

  • VIEW Silhouette Custom
    Silhouette Ivory

    Silhouette Custom

  • VIEW Subi Custom
    Subi Silver Ivory

    Subi Custom

  • VIEW Torquay Custom
    Torquay Ivory Taupe

    Torquay Custom

  • VIEW Xylo Custom Flatweave

    Xylo Custom Flatweave

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