Textural and durable flatweave rugs, from neutral tones to bold colours with custom options available.

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  • Zigo
    Zigo moroccan inspired flatweave rug in pure wool close up image


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  • Braid Hive
    Braid hive handmade flatweave in vapour pastel colours detail view

    Braid Hive

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  • Boho
    Bohemian handmade Ballina rug in bohemian colourful design


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  • Braid Kilim
    Braid Kilim Rug Collection Overhead image

    Braid Kilim

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  • Fiji
    Fiji Rose pink flatweave rug with fringe


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  • Resolve by Shaynna Blaze
    Resolve flatweave wool rug designed by Shaynna Blaze

    Resolve by Shaynna Blaze

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  • Braid Ombre
    Braid ombre flatweave designer rug in pure wool

    Braid Ombre

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  • Silhouette
    Silhouette flatweave rug detail


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  • Silhouette Stripe
    Silhouette Stripe flatweave rug detail in ivory and grey

    Silhouette Stripe

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  • Braid Pastille
    Braid pastille reversible flatweave textured rug

    Braid Pastille

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  • Braid Diamond
    Braid Diamond natural grey wool flatweave rug detail close up image

    Braid Diamond

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  • Braid Ripple
    Braid ripple mulit colour wool flatweave rug in detail

    Braid Ripple

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  • Xylo
    xylo silver grey and natural wool textured flatweave rug


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  • Torquay
    Torquay 100% wool flatweave rug


    From $650