Interior Designer Caroline Touzeau 5 minute interview with the rug collection

Describe your style in 3 words?
Colourful, decorative and layers


Interior Designer Caroline Touzeau lounge room with rug


When & what made you start Caroline Touzeau Design?
I started my own business 20 years ago and have re-branded this year.


Working on residential projects, what are your top style tips to make a space feel inviting, unique and inspiring?
Colour and lighting are always inviting, bespoke items and elements of design always keep things unique with a personal individual style to keep one inspired.


What’s the one piece of advice you would tell your younger self?
Hard work pays off!


What’s your favourite part of any project?
I do enjoy soft furnishings as in fabrics, rugs, art and bespoke decorative items and achieve my love of colour often through these pieces.


Interior Designer Caroline Touzeau entrance with rug


If you could style anyone’s home, whose would it be?
I would love to style Ellen Degeneres & Portia da Rossi’s home. Ellen has expressed her love of interior design so it would be fantastic to work with someone who has a passion and bring it to life for them. Plus, l can’t begin to imagine how funny that journey would be!


What’s your go-to rug?
For me, it’s 100% wool as l love the warmth of it and the feeling underfoot. And, of course, a bit of colour in its backdrop.


Any key pieces, trends or colour palettes you are loving at the moment?
I don’t really stick to trends, but l am enjoying a mix of lights in old and new properties l’m working on. I love colour palettes in soft pastel tones, as well as bright on bright with pattern on pattern. And then there’s fabulous styling and greenery to finish a look.


Interior Designer Caroline Touzeau living room with rug


What’s your biggest design no-no?
Vertical panel blinds.


What couldn’t you do without when creating a space?


Interior Designer Caroline Touzeau bedroom with rug


If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
To fly so l could get things done more quickly.


What’s on your design wish list at the moment?
A unique, round rug for my cosy winter spot in front of the fire.
It’s always hard selecting for yourself.


Who do you instagram stalk for style inspiration?
Missoni homewares fashion.


How can we stay up to date with the latest from Caroline Touzeau Design?


I have a new website www.carolinetouzeaudesign.com where you can see my latest projects and subscribe to my newsletter for tips on places to see, objects to enjoy and inspiring ideas.


VISIT WEBSITE > www.carolinetouzeaudesign.com

Interior Designer Caroline Touzeau light filled living room with rug

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