The team of talent at Advantage Interior Design spent 5mins with us to share their top style tips on how to create a living space that you’ll LOVE to come home to and insights behind the scenes…


Describe your style in three words?

Contemporary, versatile, client-focused


What are your top style tips to make a home feel inviting, unique and inspiring?

#1 Introducing a key item per room that has some wow factor, whether it’s a bold artwork, a textured or colourful rug, or a feature armchair.

#2 We like a neutral colour palette, rich with textures and bringing in pops of colour through soft furnishings and decorative items.

#3 Foliage and flowers can help bring life into a space and make it feel more inviting.


Advantage styling with the rug collection

Bronte Project

What do you love most about what you do?

Seeing a happy client at the completion of a project, plus a beautifully designed home is always a bonus!

We pride ourselves on creating beautiful yet practical living spaces, tailored to each client’s style and lifestyle. We want clients to love where they live!


What does a typical workday look like for you?

A typical working day with the team at Advantage Interior Design always starts with an early coffee but can vary from there. From client consultations, to developing and presenting design concepts, to installations and styling, we always have something on the go!


Would people be surprised what your favourite space to style is?

Probably… we love designing powder rooms. For such small spaces they have so much potential to look amazing. By adding patterned wallpaper and a unique mirror, you can really transform the space.


Advantage interior designers love to decorate a powder room

Balgowlah House

If you could style anyone’s home, who’s would it be?

Lisa Gorman the owner of Gorman clothing and home wares, because we imagine she is fun and quirky, just like her designs.

We love her style and would love the freedom of introducing bright colours, rich textures and bold patterns and pieces into her home. An opportunity to break the rules and bring five creative brains together, to create something out of the ordinary.


What’s the best cure for a creative block?

Showroom visits, design events, design trade fairs and flipping through the pages of the Belle always help inspire us.


The one piece of advice you would tell you younger self?

Be confident in your decisions, if you think something is going to look amazing run with it and don’t doubt yourself!


What’s your biggest design no-no?

Getting scale and proportion wrong. It’s worth the extra time to measure the space and draw up a floor plan and double check the dimensions work and everything fits. Pieces that turn out to be too big are expensive to replace however buying something too small can equally mean a space does not work well.


What’s your “go-to” rug?

Our go to at the moment is the Glitz rug. We adore this luxurious, artsilk rug and have specified it for many of our projects. We loved it so much, we had it custom shaped to a round rug to make it work best between a couple of sofas in an awkward space.


Stanmore Project | Featuring the Glitz custom rug


Where are your three favourite places to travel for design inspiration?

Paris, Italy and Marrakesh. With so much culture and a completely different architectural scene to Australia, we are constantly gaining inspiration from these places. Colourful Moroccan mosaic tiles always grab our attention.

A destination closer to home that always serves up design inspiration is Melbourne. There are some great artisans and furniture designers creating unique custom pieces.

Advantatage styling with a Subi Aqua flatweave rug

Balgowlah House | Featuring a Subi rug in Aqua

What couldn’t you do without when creating a space?

Mood boards – not only do mood boards provide a visual representation for clients, they help us see how the individual pieces in a room work together.


Is there any technology you embrace to help streamline your workflow or use to help grow your business?

We are all about the Adobe Suite; we would be lost without Photoshop and InDesign.

Advantage interior design and living room decoration

Bella Vista House

Who do you Instagram stalk for style inspiration?

@est_living – a curation of gorgeous Australian and international interior design spaces.


How can we keep up-to-date with your creative spaces?

Follow our Instagram page @Advantage_Interiors as well as our website to view our recent projects including some great before and afters shots.


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