Textured Treats | Rugs in Buying Blind

buyingblind channel 9 room designed by Shaynna Blaze

All rugged up with a plush pile Plaza Collection rug. Shaynna Blaze once again worked her magic transforming Mal & Kristens once ordinary house into the home of their dreams.

Buying Blind home designed by Shaynna Blaze

Styled by Shaynna Blaze for Buying Blind | Featuring a Plaza Collection Rug in Grey 300 x 400cm

Plaza Collection rugs

Plaza Collection Rugs


Shaynna Blaze adorned the floors of Jenny and Dallas @buyingblind new dream home to bring softness, warmth and style to both living areas with textured rugs.


Buying Blind Australia with Shaynna Blaze and rugs from our collection

Styled by Shaynna Blaze | Featuring our Fizzle rug in Pebble


Episode 4 features our textured loop-pile Fizzle Rug in pebble and a Woven Simplicity by Shaynna Blaze Impact Collection Rug in Ink.


Fizzle rug in Pebble | Textured Collection


Made by hand, Fizzle is rich in texture and soft underfoot. A beautifully hand woven loop-pile rug in a pure wool New Zealand blend.


Styled by Shaynna Blaze | Featuring a Woven Simplicity Impact rug in INK designed by Shaynna


A handwoven in renowned New Zealand Wool and light-reflective artsilk.

“Impact is a play on the traditional cross design, but with a twist.

Positioning the cross off-centre allows the graphic to serve as a focal point for your room because any furniture sitting on the rug won’t obscure the design.” – Shaynna


Woven Simplicity Impact rug in INK designed by Shaynna Blaze


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