5mins with Lauren from Bowerbird Interiors

5 minute interivew with Bowerbird Interiors owner Lauren

We spend 5 mins with Lauren from Bowerbird Interiors. With her love for interiors, swoon worthy design aesthetic and keeping true to the “love the detail” tagline, Lauren with her husband has grown Bowerbird Interiors into a thriving business.  Here’s a few fun facts and insights into the nest…


Describe your style in 3 words?
Relaxed, simple, neutral.


Lauren from Bowerbird


When & what made you start Bowerbird Interiors?
BOWERBIRD originally was a means for me to satisfy my love of interiors while raising my beautiful little girl Bowie.

I had, and will always have, such a huge passion for beautiful products and also building relationships with people.

I was fortunate enough that Bowerbird grew so rapidly and still continues to grow into a successful brand. Getting to share the journey with my brilliant husband has been pretty amazing also.



Would people be surprised at what your favourite room to style is?
Possibly haha. My favourite room to style is my daughter Bowie’s bedroom.

I have had a vision of her big girl room since she was born, she is now 6 and the vision is coming to life and Bowie is loving it.


What’s the one piece of advice you would tell your younger self?
To simply start and to know that YOU CAN have everything you want, just not all at once.



If you could style anyone’s home, who’s would it be?
My parents home. One day I would love to furnish their whole home for them. Whenever I am there I visualise how I am going to transform it.


What’s your go-to rug?
The Crossweave is my go-to rug, I love the texture and it’s practical with children haha.


What’s your biggest design no-no?
Over styling, I am a big believer in less is more.



What couldn’t you do without when creating a space?
Texture and natural light.


THe rug collection speak with bowerbird


If you could have one super power, what would it be?
Invisibility for sure.



What’s on your design wish list at the moment?
Artwork – I have just found a print that I am in love with by Felix Forest. I saw it in a home at Palm Beach and was obsessed.


Who do you instagram stalk for style inspiration?

Bowerbird of course, we have the most incredibly talented stylists who inspire me daily. I also stalk MCM house and @thedesignory.



How can we stay up to date with the latest from Bowerbird Interiors?
Follow us on social media and also sign up to our weekly newsletter.


Bowerbird Interiors head office

Bowerbird Interiors HQ | Featuring the Indi Chair


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