5 minutes with style talent, Libby Winberg.


3 words to describe your style?

Eclectic, considered, comfortable.


What’s your best piece of style advice?

Only purchase pieces you really love, not just what is on trend at the time.


Libby Wineberg Interiors – featuring a Xylo rug in Multi. Photo by Thomas Dalhoff


What’s your go-to when you need inspiration?

Instagram, pinterest, interior magazines.

Libby Winberg Interiors – featuring a Braid Fusion rug. Photo by Thomas Dalhoff


What couldn’t you do without when creating a space?

My moleskin notebook and a pencil! I’m constantly writing down ideas as they come into my head – I find inspiration at any time of the day!


What’s you’re favourite type of rug?

I love rugs! They complete a space – whether it is the hero of the room or quietly sits in the background, they can really set the mood.

Libby Winberg Interiors – featuring a Nordic Diamond rug. Photo by Thomas Dalhoff


What artist/designers do you admire the most?

Mmmmmm……there are so many! Australian artists Prudence Caroline and Kate Jarman do amazing work, as does Brent Rosenberg – I love introducing their pieces into spaces I design. I admire so many local and international designers and get inspiration from them all to be honest – artists, makers, architects, stylists, fabric houses, photographers, ceramists.


What super power would you have and why?

To slow down time as life is flying by way too quickly! My three beautiful boys are growing up way too quickly – another year is about to come to an end! There never seems to be enough time in each day for all that I need to do.


Libby Winberg Interiors – Nordic Diamond & Braid Fusion. Photo Thomas Dalhoff


Who do you Instagram stalk for style inspiration?

Mr and Mrs White, Ivy Muse, Urban Jungle, Design Stuff Group, Apartment Therapy, Flowers for Kate, Olliella, Table Tonic, Frankie and Co…..there’s endless talent out there!


How can we keep up-to-date with your creative spaces?

You can follow my on my Insta page @libbywinberginteriors although I’m often so busy with projects (and looking at everyone elses amazing feeds!) I neglect keeping up with my own…oops!


Libby Winberg Interiors – featuring a Nordic Diamond rug. Photo by Thomas Dalhoff


Get in touch or stay connected …

Follow Libby’s work on instagram @libbywinberginteriors
or visit www.libbywinberginteriors.com.au  to get in contact and for more information.

Photography by Thomas Dalhoff  www.hindenburgdalhoff.com

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