5 minutes with style talent Michelle Hart | Bask Interiors

What are 3 words that describe your style?
Warm, textured, organic.


What’s your best piece of style advice?
Only live with what you love and is meaningful to you. Your surroundings and your home need to reflect the story of your unique life.


Designed by Bask Interiors | Glen Waverley Project. Photo by The Room Illuminated. Rug: Illusions Collection


Designed by Bask Interiors | Black Rock Project. Photo by Suzi Appel Photography. Rug: Illusions Collection

What’s your go-to when you need inspiration?
I love trawling Pinterest, Instagram and interior mags.


What couldn’t you do without when creating a space?
I think living things like plants, flowers, crystals always add something special to a room and also artwork for your walls.


What’s you’re favourite type of rug?
For client’s I have found that chunky wool rugs work beautifully in most spaces, they add so much interest, warmth, texture and subtle pattern to any home, always a winner!


Designed by Bask Interiors | Balck Rock Project. Photo by Suzi Appel Photography.

What artist/designers do you admire the most?
That’s a tough one as I admire so many creatives and the list is too long.
I love any interior curated by Arent & Pyke, Mim Design, Robson Rak, Flack Studio to name a few.
I adore works by Kara Rosenlund, Carla Fletcher, Leila Jeffreys, Hannah Nowlan, Dina Broadhurst, Caroline Walls, Michael Bond, Bobby Clarke, so many Indigenous artists to name and the list can continue – Its clear I am a huge fan of Australian art as there is so much talent here!


What super power would you have and why?
I think being able to teleport and time travel would be pretty awesome! Imagine being able to be across the other end of the world in a flash, or go backwards or forwards in time? The places you could visit and the history and future you could also witness would be mind blowing. I’d love to experience it all!


Designed by Bask Interiors for E&S Trading. Photo by Nikole Ramsay


Bask Interiors Elsternwick Project. New console and pendant lighting. Photo by Suzi Appel Photography.


Who do you Instagram stalk for style inspiration?
One of my favourites is Design Stuff as they showcase the best of the best along with Dot and Pop and the Designory. For style and aesthetic I am a huge fan of Erena Te Paa Stylist, Jane Ledger Interiors and Em Henderson

Designed by Bask Interiors | Windsor Project. Photo by Suzi Appel Photography.


Designed by Bask Interiors | Windsor Project. Photo by Suzi Appel Photography.


How can we keep up-to-date with your creative spaces?
Follow me on Instagram @michelle_baskinteriors to see what I’m currently working on!

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